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   Scientific American - Ask the Experts
When Will All the Ice in the Arctic Be Gone?
   US News > Science
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   BBC News - Science & Environment
Ditch cars to meet climate change targets, say MPs
Giraffes given greater protection from unregulated trade as numbers fall
Rivers used as 'open sewers', says WWF charity
Fake news is 'reinforced by false memories'
What is 'blobology' and how is it transforming biology?
Evidence suggests microplastics in water pose ‘minimal health risk’
Russia launches life-sized robot into space
Titanic sub dive reveals parts are being lost to sea
Millions of old gadgets 'stockpiled in drawers'
Fracking: UK shale reserves may be smaller than previously estimated
Nasa confirms ocean moon mission
Chandrayaan-2: India spacecraft begins orbiting Moon
Hawaii protests continue against a volcano telescope
Amazon fires: Record number burning in Brazil rainforest - space agency
Five ways UK farmers are tackling climate change
Elton John defends Harry and Meghan's use of private jets
Nasa picks headquarters for Moon lander
Climate change: Iceland holds funeral for melted glacier
Extinction: Humans played big role in demise of the cave bear
Elephant protection debate to dominate conservation meeting
   New York Times
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   National Geographic > Daily News
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   New Scientist
Asteroid Ryugu has no dust on it and we don’t know why
Bacteria fly into the Atacama Desert every afternoon on the wind
Gene editing turns cells into minicomputers that can record data
Gravitational waves could settle mystery of the universe's expansion
We could use bees' honey to track environmental lead pollution
China’s two-child policy linked to 5 million extra babies in 18 months
Sitting for nine and a half hours a day linked to early death
YouTube has become such a garbage fire it is time to dump it for good
LIGO may have seen its first black hole and neutron star collision
Quantum teleportation used to send 3D information for the first time

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