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   Scientific American - Ask the Experts
   US News > Science
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   BBC News - Science & Environment
Have we found the 'animal origin' of Covid?
Commercial development of gene-edited food now legal in England
What is gene-edited food and is it safe to eat?
Claude Lorius: Pioneering French climate change scientist dies aged 91
Living with water pollution in Guatemala
Ending sewage dumping will mean higher water bills - report
Five things we've learned from UN climate report
UN climate report: Scientists release 'survival guide' to avert climate disaster
UN warns against 'vampiric' global water use
Extreme weather: What is it and how is it connected to climate change?
Ocean treaty: Historic agreement reached after decade of talks
How slimmed-down websites can cut their carbon emissions
It's the best job on the planet, says new Nasa chief
Turkey earthquake fault lines mapped from space
   New York Times
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   National Geographic > Daily News
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   New Scientist
Most detailed map of mouse brain includes 5200 different types of cell
Ancient humans may have cooked and eaten snails 170,000 years ago
Venus flytrap cyborg snaps shut with commands from a smartphone
CERN measurement casts doubt on shocking W boson result
Electronic wound dressing releases drugs to help injuries heal
Wearable anti-anxiety device strokes your arm with a furry pompom
UK criticised for failing to join UN-backed river restoration scheme
Is GPT-4 already showing signs of artificial general intelligence?
We may finally know why people tend to regain weight after losing it
Hundreds of children made to wear GPS tags by UK's Ministry of Justice

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